Personal Nutrition Plan


Weight loss, muscle hypertrophy or sports performance.
Personal macronutrient breakdown to your food preferences. I will only give you food you like to eat. It’s not just rice cakes. I will write the programme offering complete flexibility with regards to food choices.


  • New recipes for your favourite meals.
  • A diet model which fits your lifestyle and weekly schedule.
  • 24h support.
  • Calculated calorie requirements based on exercise levels, non exercise activity thermogenesis and health + fitness/lifestyle goals.
  • Tracking ideas and assistance.
  • Free eBook – 7 Steps to creating your perfect personalised diet.
  • 1x Skype consultation.
  • Supplement recommendations/advice dependant on goals.
What happens when you sign up?
  • Once you have signed up to one of my Personal Nutrition Plans you will be sent a questionnaire so I can better understand your motivations, lifestyle, current training approach and diet.
  • After my analysis I will create a personalised nutrition plan optimised to your individual circumstances.