I was wrong about Ross Edgley

I’m going to call this a win for honesty and truth in dieting and fitness.

It was also a humbling experience, if not embarrassing on my behalf.

2 days ago I came across an Ad on Instagram by none other than the great Ross Edgley.

If you’re not aware of this guy, follow him, he’s one heck of an athlete, and he also, like me, represents honesty and truth, a rare thing in this industry.

And that’s where the story started, I took Ross for a sell out.

The sponsored Ad featured Ross with a discount code to a supplement which is well established not to be effective in what the Ad claimed.

I was disappointed, I’ve followed Ross for a while and I know of his education, physical feats and his insane durability and I’ve also read one of his 2 books. (I’ll get Resilience soon).

I’ve even recommended Ross’s books to those looking to learn a little more about the science of fitness and performance.

So I wrote a little post announcing my disappointment.

Me being the quiet introverted guy, not really liking the limelight much, didn’t tag Ross in the post.

But a friend of mine in the industry did.

Ross came back and thanked us for pointing this out, he was kind and considered and stated that he was unaware of the Ad’s content.

He immediately got in touch with the company and had the Ad removed.

This is how these interactions should be conducted, without unpleasantries.








I thought about my involvement here, I was embarrassed that I’d jumped to conclusions about Ross but I wasn’t to know that he was unaware of the Ad.

I guess you can’t proof read every Ad in a sponsorship deal when you’re a busy dude as Ross is.

So I apologise to him for the call out.

But I’m thankful for learning another lesson.

There are always circumstances involved beyond our comprehension and we should never jump to conclusions.

So thank you Ross for teaching me a valuable lesson.


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