Get glutes in just 16 minutes per week

The 3/7 Method.

“I want glutes” I hear you say.

Well as it turns out, in my FB Live earlier I introduced a new method of training which was only tested by scientific researchers back in 2019.

It produced pretty darn special results.

The subjects built muscle and strength in an individual muscle 75% faster than the more traditional approach to lifting weights for strength and size.

The results now mean that it is possible to build solid strong and round glutes in just 5 minutes 20 per workout…

So over the course of the week, so long as your nutrition is appropriate and you train 3x per week, you only need to spend 16 minutes training your glutes to achieve 75% better results than you already are.

Sounds pretty frikkin special don’t it?

And the best bit.

I ain’t about to charge you for telling you how it’s done, nor am I putting together a gym programme to make money off this little peach.

In fact, I’m giving you this little peach for absolutely nothing…

So here’s how it works.

Pick your exercise.

If you want glutes and glutes alone, I’d go for the hip thrust.

You need a weight that is 70% of your maximum lift for 1 repetition.

So let’s say you can hip thrust 100kg for 1 repetition and 1 repetition only, you would need to be completing this technique with 70kg. (This needs to be accurate).

Here’s what you do.

Get yourself set up with perfect technique first. That’s important.

Then you complete the following:

3 reps followed by 15 seconds rest.

4 reps followed by 15 seconds rest.

5 reps followed by 15 seconds rest

6 reps followed by 15 seconds rest

7 reps followed by 2 minutes rest.

And then repeat once more.

You can then tip your water back down the sink and hang up your towel, because you my friend are done.

That’s it.

Happy glute hunting.


P.S. This technique can off course be applied to other muscles. So dudes if you want bigger biceps, a set of shoulders or pecs get on this.

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