2 Cell Phone Hacks That Could Add 45 Days To Your Year.

You don’t need really need these hacks if you’ve already accomplished everything you ever wanted to.

Have all the money you need.

Or if you already have the body you’ve always dreamt of.

But if you don’t then I suggest you read on fellow procrastinators.


How many of you don’t accomplish what you want because you just don’t have the time, can’t find the motivation or you find something else to do?

Like read this when you should be doing your work…

Haha, ye I know, I’d sooner sit on my ass watching Netflix, Heini in hand chilling whilst scrolling faces on the book.

It doesn’t really help you achieve much though does it?

I mean, if it weren’t for Angry Birds and half naked chicks on Instagram I’d probably not even be writing this now.

I’d likely be sunning it up on a beach, throwing mai tai and steamed fish down the pipe laptop at the ready incase I think of anything interesting and useful to write for my clients et al.

Ok, maybe not quite to that extent, but I’d certainly be a lot further along the path to fame and riches than I perhaps am.

How much could you really achieve if there was limited fluff in your life?

Let me tell you about me for a second.

I’ve got a problem, I have an addictive personality.

I used to drink heavily, in fact I lived for the weekend, I’d get so drunk on Friday, Saturday, (sometimes Sunday) that I’d take me until the following weekend to recover, I’m not even stretching the truth there either, I get the worst hangovers ever.

The 4-5 day hangovers I used to get really restricted my ability to get my work done. In fact I got pretty much nothing done.

I was obsolete for a week until it was my time to shine like the moon again at the weekend.

Fortunately I was able to leave that behaviour at the door and I only have a drink now when there is something worth celebrating.

I’ve now replaced that previous limiting behaviour with other things.

Scrolling social media until my eyeballs are double glazed, downloading and mastering all the games on my phone like the gaming version of Neo from the Matrix.

Anything that prevents me from actually sitting down and getting something…anything done that might move me closer to my beach dream Ima gonna do it.

Even if that means lying on my back, pretending to do work whilst secretly I’m doing something else, like when Homer Simpson hides a magazine in a book.

I’m a master of procrastination.

But I’ve just discovered a nice couple of tricks to prevent procrastination and keep you focused on actually making your life better.

Whether that means

– More precious time with your kids.

– A better body.

– Stepping further in the right direction with your business.

– More time with friends and family.

Whatever it is that you want to do more of, with these little hacks you can.

So what do you do?

Well if you’ve got an apple iPhone here’s how.

I don’t know if other platforms do this – I’m an Apple everything kids of guy. Skip forward to the next hack if you don’t have an Apple iPhone.

Anyway, if you do have an Apple iPhone, get the latest update, up to iOS 12.0.

Next go into Settings and find the ‘screen time’ tab.

And now you’ve got some options.

Now here’s what to do to sort yourself out and turn yourself into the productive tyrannosaurus.

Select the ‘Always Allowed’ tab; now just click on the apps that you are happy don’t cost you wasted time.

For me I threw all of my work related apps in, Google sheets, Word, Pages, Readdle, Numbers, Line Camera, Watermark, Excel, Drive, Docs, Calendar and Skype amongst others.

I kept all the social media stuff out, that means Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc, I also kept app store on the sidelines to prevent me from searching for the next augmented reality disappointment.

Last step, go back and hit the ‘Downtime’ tab.

Now just set your time limits, I can’t use the ‘time wasting’ apps between 9am and 8.30pm I can only use the ‘time gaining’ apps.

So that’s 11.5 hours now where I can’t waste my time?

I promise you this works so well, and I can prove it.

See the new update tells you how much time you have been on your phone, not only that but it break it down into segments.

Looking at my phone tonight, I can see that today, I’ve spent 38 minutes total on it, 29 minutes on social networking, 6m on other (Not sure what other is mind) and 3 minutes on productivity.

Compare that to my missus’ 3 hours on social networking and I don’t want to know what else.

3 hours, by that average that’s a whole damn day every 8 days she will waste on social media. Or 45 days a year if you prefer that number.

How much could you do with an extra 45 days in your year?

– Get ripped.

– Read a book.

– Plan a bank heist.

– Steal the Crown Jewels.

– Find the woman or man of your dreams.

– Create an amazing business and life you love.

That’s why I’ve done it, the business thing. That’s what I want to achieve with my extra 45 days.

And for my second phone hack.

Readdle. The Ukrainian productivity app/calendar.

This has been an absolute revelation for me.

I’ve never got on with Apples built in calendar app, I can’t figure it out, too fiddly for me.

Likewise the Reminders app – it’s rubbish.

So I downloaded Readdle, I’ve tried many other calendar type things and this was the best by far.

It also won app of the year as voted for by Apple.

That’s no mean feat.

Here’s how I use it to maximise my productivity.

I add a note onto one day, these are my daily tasks, I then duplicate each day for the entire year (it has a setting to automatically duplicate for the entire year – phew).

This is my note.

4 simple tasks that take very little time to complete.

  1. Read 1 piece of copywriting material.
  2. Do 30 minutes of writing.
  3. Find one recipe and download it.
  4. Do 1 thing to improve my business.

Number 4 can be as simple as – writing one paragraph that improves or adds to a product that I’m currently developing.

These are my 4 daily tasks.

The great thing about this is, once I actually commit and start doing the above, I tend to do a little more than I was going to.

Trust me it’s the starting of a large task that’s the problem, when you break it down into small daily activities it’s so much easier to handle.

For example, it takes me 5 minutes to find a recipe, I can do it on the throne if I want. So if I find 2 recipes I can scrub it off my to do list for the following day.

Do that often enough and I get days off work. Yippee.

I also end up with 365 of the best fat loss or high protein recipes over the course of the year which I may or may not feel the need to turn into a recipe book.

I end up at least 365 times closer to my dream. Sweat huh?

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