10 Everyday Breakfasts To Protect Against Osteoporosis

Most of my spare time is spent reading and learning about women. 

No I’m not a pick up artist.

I’ll tell you why, it’s because women are far more interesting. 

  •  You have a menstrual cycle (I think I know some men who do too).

  •  You suffer from osteoporosis more often.

  •  You are generally more likely to be overweight or obese then males. 

  • You are more likely to have psychological hurdles (binge eating disorder, strong cravings, bulimia and anorexia amongst others) than males. 

You have it tough when it comes to dieting and health. 

Much harder than us males. 

The simple fact that you’re generally smaller than males means that you get to eat less food to maintain your weight.

That stinks. 

So I though I’d stick my oar in and steady the boat for you.

I’ve come up with 10 super simple breakfasts that will help reduce your risk of osteoporosis.

They’re also brilliantly simple and also have the added benefit of being mostly low calorie to keep the weight off.

So, essentially, I’m covering every angle for you here.

As I mentioned above.

Women are more at risk of osteoporosis than males.

There are likely a few factors, including:

Women are more inclined to follow nutritional trends popularised by doofus celebrities and even celebrity trainers. Many of these can really hinder your health.

And…a larger reason. 

The menopause. 

Oestrogen helps to keep your bones dense and strong, when oestrogen levels decline after the menopause you’re far more likely to struggle with bone related issues, including osteoporosis.

To improve your bone maintenance you can do a few things.

Resistance based exercises can be an excellent way to preserve, or even increase, bone mineral density.

And, including enough vitamin D and calcium in your diet.

The British Dietetics Association have some really neat info on vitamin D and calcium.

To keep it simple you need 10 micrograms (ug/mcg) of vitamin D per day and healthy people need at least 700 milligrams (mg) of calcium. Those with osteoporosis or at risk of osteoporosis need more, closer to 1000 milligrams.

So here you go, 10 everyday breakfasts to protect against osteoporosis.

2x Poached egg on toast with orange and mango juice

Poached eggs on toast

Kcal – 408

Protein – 22.5g

Carbohydrates – 49.3g

Fat – 12g

Fibre – 3.6g

Vitamin D – 3.4mcg

Calcium – 477mg

A great source of vitamin D, calcium, protein, carbohydrates and good fats. 

This will also keep you full for a number of hours afterwards due to the good amount of calories and the high protein content which are both very satisfying to hunger.

I’ve used large eggs here and importantly, ‘Hovis Best of Both Thick White Bread With Added Wheatgerm and Calcium.’

This is a great bread to use to hit your daily calcium requirements with 179mg per each thick slice.

And, here’s the kicker.

Sunny D Vitamin D

The juice is Sunny D Orange and Mango Juice Drink. I know that might leave a sour taste in some of your mouths, but, this particular juice is fortified with vitamin D and is only 50 kcal per 250ml. 

Weetbix Crunchy Bran 40g with 150ml Arla Big Whole Milk

Weetabix for Osteoporosis

Kcal – 243

Protein – 9.9g

Carbohydrates – 30.1g

Fat – 7.4g

Fibre – 8g

Vitamin D – 4.9mcg

Calcium – 321mg

Tonnes of vitamin D, pretty much half of your daily requirements, high in fibre, good levels of calcium and low in calories.

Arla Big Whole Milk is a fortified milk available here in the UK. It has a good wallop of vitamin D in it to help you hit you targets, along with a decent level of calcium.

Milk for osteoporosis

2x Petit Filous Fromage Frais 85g

Yogurt for osteoporosis

Kcal – 150

Protein – 9g

Carbohydrates – 17.6g

Fat – 4g

Fibre – 0.1g

Vitamin D – 5mcg

Calcium – 156mg

Small, light, perfect for a work day morning because there’s no prep, just eat straight out of the fridge, low in calories, high in vitamin D, half your daily requirements and a decent dose of calcium too. They’re also bloody delicious.

Ready Brek Original 30g with 150ml Arla Big Whole Milk

Oats for osteoporosis

Kcal – 214

Protein – 8.7g

Carbohydrates – 24g

Fat – 8.6g

Fibre – 2.4g

Vitamin D – 4.5mcg

Calcium – 585mg

You can’t really go wrong with getting your oats in the morning can you? This version has pretty much half of your daily requirements of calcium and vitamin D.

Feel free to add berries or whatever else you like to add to porridge.

2x Cheese spread on toast with 250ml orange and mango juice

Cheese for osteoporosis

Kcal – 372

Protein – 16.1g

Carbohydrates – 51.5g

Fat – 9g

Fibre – 4.8g

Vitamin D – 2.5mcg

Calcium – 722mg

This is a solid breakfast to provide plenty of calcium and a load of energy for a great start to the day.

Bread is again Hovis Best of Both Thick White Bread With Added Wheatgerm and Calcium.

It’s 50g of Dairylea Original Cheese Spread.

And 25o ml Sunny D Orange and Mango Juice.

4x 40g Frubes Yogurt Tubes

Dairy for osteoporosis

Kcal – 288

Protein -5.2g

Carbohydrates – 19.2g

Fat – 4.4g

Fibre – 0.2g

Vitamin D – 5mcg

Calcium – 240mg

Another quick and simple solution for work days or when you’re in a rush. Keep some spare in the fridge because they have a month shelf life.

Special K Original 40g with 150ml Arla Big Whole Milk

Cereal for osteoporosis

Kcal – 215

Protein – 7.8g

Carbohydrates – 31g

Fat – 6.5g

Fibre – 1.4g

Vitamin D – 5.7mcg

Calcium – 183mg

Such a popular breakfast cereal amongst women, with the added benefit of over half the dose of your vitamin D requirements if you use the suggested milk.

120g John West Sardines in Tomato Sauce on Toast

Vitamin D for osteoporosis

Kcal – 412

Protein – 30g

Carbohydrates – 39.6g

Fat – 13.8g

Fibre – 3.7g

Vitamin D – 5.7mcg

Calcium – 909mg

I went old skool with this one but check out the level of vitamin D and calcium. Here’s the secret, the fish still contain the bones. I know this won’t suit everyone but give to a try.

An added bonus, this is an oily fish and contains some Omega 3 including DHA and EPA. Perfect breakfast for those suffering with osteoporosis.

As always I’ve used Hovis Best of Both Thick White Bread With Added Wheatgerm and Calcium.

Tesco Fruit and Fibre 40g with 150ml Arla Big Whole Milk

Calcium for Osteoporosis

Kcal – 254

Protein – 8.7g

Carbohydrates – 34.8g

Fat – 8.2g

Fibre – 3.6g

Vitamin D – 5.2mcg

Calcium – 183mg

I absolutely love this fruit and fibre, awesome taste and far more cost effective than other brands, add the suggested milk and you’ve got over half your dose of vitamin D with this filling breakfast.

Kelloggs Corn Flakes 30g 150ml Arla Big Whole Milk

Corn Flakes for breakfast

Kcal – 215

Protein – 7.2g

Carbohydrates – 32g

Fat – 6.3g

Fibre – 0.9g

Vitamin D – 4.5mcg

Calcium – 183mg

And to finish a classic breakfast with loads of vitamin D when you use the suggested milk.


P.S. I hope this information has benefited you, if it has could you please do me an enormous favour and share it with others who many also benefit. Spread the word and help as many women as you can.

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